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Char Hodder
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Char Hodder Brilliant swansong from a brilliant band. I am not sure how a band that sounds exactly like what you would expect a Mike Patton/Frank Zappa collaboration to sound like could also sound so damn original. Pushes genre nearly to the breaking point. I wish there could be more. Albums and albums more. I never tire of Überband. Favorite track: Layabout.
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released November 11, 2016



all rights reserved


Uberband Los Angeles, California

In the year 0001, UBERBAND was born, rising forth from the womb of a giggling dragon, vorpal sword in hand, "rawk" in its collective heart.

Today, Uberband is made up of four demonic geniuses who gather their extensive musical vocabulary of metal, jazz, punk, funk, and skiffle to roboticize a new brand of music - gonzo rock. Fueled by the nipples of groupies, they persist.
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Track Name: Oompapa (yayo Sikkatikkahiyo Oompapaleggyogahoum)
Oompapayayo Sikkatikkahiyo Oompapleggyogahoum
Papahoum Papayayo Sikkatikkahiyo Oompapaleggyogahoum

Crepe paper
Hang up the balloons
Cake will be delivered soon

Don't walk away!
You know
Bottles in your blow
Don't walk away!
You know
Baubles in your snow
Don't walk away!

Uno, two, trois, vier!

Medical assassin mother
Patting ass and spreading butter
Finding God and fighting chancre sores
Cotton candy cookie cutter
Price is right, now pull the rudder
Puppy poodles peeing on the floor
Zocalo of sugar high
The pedal pushers riding by
She pop a pill and fantasize the past
Strapped up to the ceiling
While the domma papa's reeling
Pierced pinata set to take another lash


So you think you got many more options?
Candy...Candy...Candy likes to drop out.
Make it drop.

Oompapayayo Sikkatikkahiyo Oompapleggyogahoum
Papahoum Papa
Yayo yayo yayo yay
Sikkatikkahiyo Oompapaleggyogahoum
Oompapayayo Sikkatikkahiyo Oompapleggyogahoum
Papahoum Papayayo Sikkatikkahiyo Oompapaleggyogahoum
Track Name: Layabout
Hey there, layabout!
Upsey-daisy, little lazy.
Dump your crazies in the medicine drawer.
Breathe easy, puppy snout.
Dark and morbid, tough and torrid
You haven't bathed in 39 days,
You look unpresentable.
Rise up stiff and stout.
Don't you sittle in your piddle and
Never waste another day of your life.
So bounce up out of bed now, if you can.
Wash your pillzies with a black and tan.
Try to ignore just how futile we are.

Ritalin, Wellbutrin
Cialis, Get some o' this.


I want you all to look at me! Look at my face!
Look at my elbow face! (Awaken the great child within.)

Methadone, I condone.
Lithium, Come get some.

Success is only as distant as your aversion to violence.
Awaken your spirit to the possibility of serenity, comfort, and fat, fat cash.
Always be embracing the failure of others.
Stand in observance of this moment, the present, right now. Be here now. Now, think of drugs and pussy.
Follow your bliss. And by "follow your bliss", I mean hemptyer...(reading glasses)...And by "follow your bliss", I mean "pimp your loved ones for money."
Nobody loves you.
Track Name: Slowly
Slowly holding your fishtails
Calling me Andrew
Holding my calls
Slowly searching for Walter
Redrum and halter
Picketing malls
Slowly dripping your juices
Fraction reduces
Larry to Paul
Slowly into your toolshed
Red, black, and bruised
After the fall

(Fake Spanish. Nobody in Uberband seems to speak genuine Spanish, despite their desire to add a Spanish verse to this song. It's reprehensible, really.)


Bup bup bup bup beedeeah Bup bup, etc.

Why won't you feed her?
I'm no Bob Seger!
Track Name: Salmon Boots
Well, everybody wants to know
Why you wear those salmon boots
Well, everybody wants to know
Why you wear those salmon boots
They are stinky from the sea
They're pinker than a baby's knee
I ain't got no capers on me
So why you wear, why you wear, why you wear
Those salmon boots?

Say, why you grabbin' on my smock
When you got one of your own?
Say, why you grabbin' on my smock
When you got one of your own?
I gots a smock and it is mine
It's made of rainbow colored twine
You gots your own and that is fine.
So why you wear, why you wear, why you wear
Those salmon boots?

Why can't you explain the necessariness
To wear those fishy salmon, salmon, salmon, salmon boots?
Why can't you get your own smock?
Salmon boots

Sockeye shoe wear
'Laskan loafers

Fried portoise rind, wine and dined
Lace up your face
With appointment!
Smoked hollyhoke
Tail set to poke
Do da dishes!

Cut off the fins, slop the bins
Cut the belly!
Dill mustard sauce
Sidewalk smelly!
Watch where you walk
Steelhead clogs
Track Name: Horse
Little Missy Lambskins
Caught a ride to Austin
Smiling like a pumpkin
She never left the mansion
Without her mascara
Or her box of sparklers
Hey, now...A mount came out of nowhere
Hey, now...A darkened, manic steed
Well, well...I wish I could have told her to never, never trust an equus!

Hyperkinetic screaming organism

A thousand warnings would never be enough
To rend your body primed
For defense against the shiny-coated fiend
With a brain the size of a walnut rind
Neighing odd-toed ungulate
Large, terrestrial browsing mammal
You should never trust an equus, and neither should you.

I knew of a girl, yeah
Looked like Farley Mowat
Went to do the garbage
Horsey looking sideways
Wire hair and long man
Got the girl busy
Hey, now...Well, the horse, he showed his teeth
Hey, now...Painted on like O'Keefe
Well, well...I wish I could have told her to never, never trust an equus

(C'mon, girl...)

Hyperkinetic screaming organism

Let him hold your mop!
Track Name: $5
Hey, Bjorn!
Don't you owe me $5?
You're a communist!
And you owe me a $5 dollar!

And I wanna, I wanna buy a taco
Maybe two fish tacos to put inside my belly


Canteloupe salad!
With a little bitty squirrel
Where can I buy me an apes?
Howzizbout in Sweeten?

One more Southern-fried spicy fished lightning
Greased up to put inside of my hungry, hungry belly


I'm totally serious about the situation we got here
Gimme back my money, you silly Norweigan slut
You Norweigan slut!